Emergency Contraception

As of February 2011, Norlevo 1.5mg, the emergency contraceptive pill is available over the counter in Irish pharmacies. We in Blackglen Pharmacy welcomed this change and immediately put into place protocol so that patients can avail of this service in an efficient and discreet manner.

If you require the emergency contraceptive, or “Morning After” pill, call into the store and the pharmacist will look after you.

When you go into the pharmacy, the pharmacist will ask you to fill out a short questionairre in private. They will then review this and ensure that the pill is appropriate for you. If it is not suitable, they will direct you to another source of help.

If you are deemed suitable to take the medicine, you will be supplied the medicine by the pharmacist. The pharmacist will also offer you advice on how it should be taken and contraception options available for future use.

For more information, you can ask the pharmacist, either by ringing the shop, or by calling in. Alternatively, visit www.thinkcontraception.ie

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